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2 day workshop with international lecturer Michailovas V.P.: Face shape formation

Registration: Kaunas +370 616 10 490 / Vilnius +370 686 52 961 / Klaipėda: +370 698 08 254

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Tottaly worht it. I am happy to have finished my studies here as there is no other place that provides such systematic, high quality and ground knowledge. I believe we shouldn’t stop ourselves and if you have a goal you need to step out and go for it. Different circumstances often create obstacles for us; however, if you really want and need it you will be able to balance everything in your life.
Keep going forward. After graduating from HBA I am highly confident in my work. Those considering to study or current students should not stop themselves but let their expression flow and this training school will help and equip everyone with knowledge and practice.
Priceless experience. I was interested in many courses but a one day or a several day course is not enough to learn the tech-niques we’ve learned during 540 hours. Workshops help you to improve, however, you won’t get the general, ground knowledge that is provided at HBA. Therefore, I’m happy to have made a decision to study here.